Ping pong together!

Ping Pong Arcade is a third person game where the player can unleash their powers against the opponent in a series of astonishing environments and fun moves.


Move the character!

Move your Character and place yourself in the best position to hit the ball.

Hit in the ball!

Try to hit the ball at the right moment and aim well or you will miss the shot! The more accurate your timing the more you are rewarded!

Own your gameplay!

Customize your character’s abilities and decide which type of player you want to be.


Select your powers and use them to catch your opponent off guard! Sometimes on the table special powers can appear; hit them to bring your game to an unpredictable level!


Select between a number of special powers, from super fast FIREBALLs to freezing time with the ICE NOVA.

Use them wisely as they’ll need time to charge back up again!

Powers could make the difference between an astonishing win and a poor loss



The release date for Ping pong arcade has yet to be released. When available, here you will find the release dates and the steam wishlist link. Ping pong arcade will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch and XBOX.