The First World War from a new perspective

The Rude Awakening was created with the purpose of narrating a serious theme such as the First World War from a different perspective, merging a unique and light drawing style inspired by Valiant Heart with real-life stories, in a single player experience.


A simple and refined art style

The artistic direction of The Rude Awakening requires an extremely refined study of animations and artwork styles, with the purpose of counterbalancing the drama told by the storytelling with an approach apparently simple in the drawings, but defined in depth from the color palettes to the study of each single animation

Unique historical material

 The collaboration with 9 European partners gave the creative team the opportunity to draw on historic materials belonging to different museums in 4 different countries, inaccessible elsewhere.

The First World War from a new perspective

Differently from other wargames, The Rude Awakening retraces the historical events from a completely new perspective: from the claustrophobic situations inside the forts, to the devastated everyday life of small towns near the front, to the collapse of the hospitals caused by the Spanish flu pandemic.


Project Information


The Rude Awakening is a co-funded project by the European Union MEDIA Programmea sub-programme of Creative Europe.

In order to realize this ambitious project, a consortium of 9 European partners has gathered behind it:

  • 1 digital company specialized in video gaming and virtual reality (VR), 101%
  • 3 historical museums/centres linked to the theme of armed conflicts – Forte Belvedere in Italy, Gornjesavski Muzej in Slovenia, and the Macedonian Centre for Photography in the Republic of North Macedonia
  • 4 associations and NGOs that deal with the themes of remembrance and peace education through cultural promotion actions – ALDA (France), Mémoire pour la vie (France), The World of NGOs (Austria) and Danube Connects (Germany)
  • 1 municipality, the Comune di Lavarone, hosting a historical site.