A dramatic Virtual Reality journey.

A powerful, controversial use of the most advanced immersive technology, an experience in real-time, interactive VR with powerful narrative content and strong emotional engagement. It’s a deep dive into the everyday challenge for surviving inside the infamous extermination camp during the period of its maximum effort in annihilating the Jewish population and ethnic minority communities in Europe. Witness:Auschwitz represents a new approach to formation, following the path of the the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) system.



The game engines are here used to build realistic settings with believable characters endowed with Artificial Intelligence. By stimulating the allo-cortex, the real-time VR is recorded by our brain at the same level of reality (while balanced by pre-frontal cortex in a rationalization process), permitting to generate in the user a very personal experience with high levels of “presence” inside the simulated world.


The interaction is easy to understand, as well as crucial on reaching our goal. Our defining word for it is “haptic”: it will be natural for the user to interact with the environment, objects and people by removing constraints to all the action which appear to be possible.

Artistic Aim

To use extremely advanced and poorly exploited technologies at their maximum level of efficiency to let people live, by direct experience, happenings so incomprehensible and unspeakable a book or a movie simply can’t completely represent.