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Level Designer

Job description

The level designer will create our game’s world, write the guidelines for artists and general optimization workflow with brilliant solutions and implement the gameplay situations based on the creative vision while being heavily focused on opponents behavior.

Key responsibilities

    • Understand creative director’s vision and develop levels based on this;
    • Develop a level from concept to completion, with the support from peers (Including 2D/3D layouts, documentation, prototyping, implementing new gameplay, AI, Scripted Events etc);
    • Create coherent level design documentation to express and communicate your level designs to your team members using 2D and documentation tools;
    • Apply architecture concepts to levels (believability, flow, threshold, and volumes);
    • Respect technical constraints and guidelines during level creation;
    • Actively participate in design specific discussions and design reviews;
    • Work in collaboration with level artists to ensure that playability of the level and the graphic elements support each other;
    • Share knowledge and mentor the team;
    • As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced in the map (new gameplay, AI, sound, etc.);
    • Control the accessibility and difficulty of the level.


    • Minimum 2-3 years’ experience in video game level design and production or any other relevant experience. If you are a super-talent with no experience don’t hesitate to get in touch!
    • If you have shipped at least one console game title as level designer, it’s a very strong plus.

Other skills

    • Being a good team player, reactive, and able to communicate transparently
    • Ability to design creative and interesting game levels utilizing 3D tools (Unreal Ed, Maya, 3DMax, etc.);
    • Vertical competence in Unreal is a strong plus;
    • Creativity, ability to challenge the player;
    • Critical and analytical sense;
    • Self-motivated and driven to develop their skills and expertise;
    • Strong English skills (spoken and written).


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    Documentation where applicable: Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio. (Compress your files and attach them here)