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The end of the world has come

Aftermath is a story-driven action adventure game set in 2030 and takes place in a European city which has succumbed to what seems to be an alien invasion.

The player suddenly finds themselves to apparently be the only living being around, and an inverted pyramid - the Artifact - towers above in the sky. The alien attacked the city by isolating it, and fragmented everything within.

The Fragmentation process is that from which the Artifact generates a singular level of existence for every human-being, who thus find themselves alone within their own dimension, as does our protagonist.

The Hunter, an entity subjugated to the Artifact, has the ability to jump through the various levels of existence with the aim to abduct and silence the entire population, one layer of reality at a time.

Our protagonist is Charlotte “Charlie” Gray, a 33-year-old woman and former astronaut, victim of an accident which dramatically damaged both her body and her mind.

Yielding to the volatile glory of receiving endless praises, she drifts into a downward spiral of alcohol, painkillers and drugs to fight her ghosts, which ends up in a homeless life, and the loss of her six-year-old daughter’s custody.

On the day following this traumatic event the player takes control of Charlie


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Survive an alien invasion in a fragmented 2030 European city as Charlotte "Charlie" Gray, an ex-astronaut. Uncover dark truths in this action-packed adventure.

Unique setting

A deformed city that merges major EU capitals.

Strong story motivation

A mother will do anything to save her child.

Post traumatic disorder

It’s all about focusing on the important things.


The mysterious technology used by aliens generates violent distortions that slice the cities with an incomprehensible pattern, delimited by a force field called “The Wall”.

Armed person in a dimly lit room with stretchers and unknown figures


In progress


  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • PC

...players take on the role of former european astronaut charlie gray, who is desperately searching a devastated planet for her daughter in the, well... aftermath of something terrible…