Fury Roads Survivor

Available on Apple and Switch

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Be MAD or be DEAD!

Select your post apocalyptic modified vehicle and drive it through the deserted ruins of a wasted world, while trying to defend yourself against the motorized oil-cult scavengers hunting you down to seize your fuel… and your flesh!

Survive for as long as you can against Spiked Buggies, Armored Flame-throwers, Tank-cars, War Rigs and much much more while using high lines, ramps and hills to challenge your stalkers.

Master 60+ unique vehicles, and unlock loads of aggressive and defensive gear to strengthen your vehicle. Enter a gorgeous isometric 3D “voxel” world with four thematic maps and different game-modes.

Extend your gameplay with numerous DLCs featuring new vehicles, gear and maps.

  • 4.8 MLN Of Download
  • Top 10 Arcade Games
  • Game Of The Day in 87 Countries
  • 4 Star rating
  • 7.5 K d.a.u
  • 4.8 MLN Of Download
  • Top 10 Arcade Games
  • Game Of The Day in 87 Countries
  • 4 Star rating
  • 7.5 K d.a.u



Survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland in your custom-modded vehicle, fending off relentless scavengers out for your fuel and your life. Choose from a variety of unique vehicles, master the terrain, and unlock powerful upgrades to stay alive.

Wasted Land

The Wasted Land has a mission for you: survive the Wasted Land. A warm welcome, made of sandy dunes, rusty wrecks and lot of enemies. Inspired by the concept of Mad Max and other 80’s classics. The Wasted Land is a desert area where to play with death.

Destruction Dome

The Dome is open. In the Destruction Dome, it is only you and the buggies. Well, and a lot of traps. And lava! Have fun with the new ramps but beware of the danger of losing when falling into the lava or getting caught by traps.

Nuclear Winter

Winter has come. Now you must survive. The killer cold of this post-apocalyptic scenario, is once again filled with enemies. And a new menace: ice. Prove your driving abilities by sliding away from death!

From Dusk Till Dawn

Embrace the creeping darkness. When the sun goes down, aggressive bikers storm into the city looking for easy prey. You and your oil. Run through checkpoints to gain oil and repair your vehicle while you fend off the attacks of biker gangs.

vehicles in a desert to be heading toward the city

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...we’ve all dreamed of tearing up the desert in a souped up tank, blasting bandits and collecting oil as we go, right? maybe it’s just me, but fury roads survivor is the perfect game if you’re the same…


Fury Roads Survivor