VR Ping Pong Pro

Available on Playstation, PC and Meta

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Ping pong together, sounds better

VR Ping Pong Pro: a photorealistic sequel to the acclaimed 'Ping Pong VR'.

The new multiplayer options and the tournaments give the player the possibility to play against friends wherever they are in the world.

Bringing together 8 stunningly photo-realistic backgrounds ranging from arcades and stadiums to Japanese gardens, VR Ping Pong Pro will have you competing both offline and online alongside an array of different modes and customisation options!

With the ability to go from novice to pro with 5 unique difficulty levels, VR Ping Pong Pro is filled with exciting mini games, ball and racket customisation options, and true to life physics to give you the ultimate VR Ping Pong experience!

The first and only game on Ping Pong based on VR for Playstation 4 PSVR, its announcement trailer has been viewed more than 100k times during the first day.



Ping Pong VR 2 resumes the worldwide success of Ping Pong VR 1 in a new photorealistic single and multiplayer experience, featuring online tournaments where players can challenge locally and online friends from all over the world.

Just like real ping pong!

Thanks to virtual reality, true-to-life physics, and full swing mechanics you just need to grab your PS Move controller to swing it like a real racket and have fun!

Ping Pong together, sounds better!

With Multiplayer and Tournament models VRPPP gives players the opportunity to challenge friends no matter where they are in the world.

Train to the best

With Single Player mode you can play against different levels of AI or train with Arcade Exercises and hone your skills. Training is the only key to success!

A unique game

VRPPP is the first Virtual Reality Ping Pong game distributed for PS4 PSVR. It’s announcement trailer was viewed by over 100000 users only during the first day.

Blue ping pong table in an unconventional setting

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