From furious races on mobile phones to mystery and adventure on PC and consoles, we bring to life immersive worlds mixed with fun and engaging gameplays for everyone. Discover below our released games and what’s coming next!


Check out our released titles trailers and videos, or get yourself involved in our future projects in the work in progress section!

Released Games

Be MAD or be DEAD!

Select your post apocalyptic modified vehicle and drive it through the deserted ruins of a wasted world, while trying to defend yourself against the motorized oil-cult scavengers hunting you down to seize your fuel… and your flesh! Survive for as long as you can!


Ten years ago, as a teenager, Nicole left the family hotel with her mother after the discovery of her father’s affair with a girl her own age, Rachel, who eventually committed suicide. She was pregnant. Now that both parents have passed, Nicole wants to fulfill her mother’s last will to sell the hotel and refund the girl’s relatives.

        PingPong together, sounds better!

        VR Ping Pong Pro: a photorealistic sequel to the hit success “Ping Pong VR”. Multiplayer and tournament modes give players the opportunity to challenge friends no matter where they are in the world.

              The Rude Awakening

              The Rude Awakening was created with the purpose of narrating a serious theme such as the First World War from a different perspective, merging a unique and light drawing style inspired by Valiant Heart with real-life stories, in a single player experience of 4-5 hours of gameplay.

              In Progress

              Aftermath – Survival Horror

              A horrific city exploration-survival game that focuses on the relationship between a former astronaut, who suffers from PTSD, and her missing daughter. She must fight an uncanny alien presence in order to survive the ruins of a defragmented European city.

                    Ping Pong arcade

                    Ping Pong Arcade is a third person game where the player can unleash their powers against the opponent in a series of astonishing environments and fun moves.

                          Witness: Auschwitz

                          A powerful, controversial use of the most advanced immersive technology, an experience in real-time, interactive VR with powerful narrative content and strong emotional engagement.

                                The cure clicker

                                The entire world population is in danger: the fate of humanity is in the hands of the best researchers. Research new technologies, upgrade your infrastructure, accumulate Cure points and fight the pathogen.